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Born in 1923, and an engineer by training, at thirteen Riboud was given his fatherís vest pocket Kodak, which allowed him to take his first pictures and fueled his curiosity for the world. As luck would have it, Riboudís brother fell in love with a young poet, Nicole Cartier Bresson. This led to the meeting of Riboud and Henri Cartier Bresson, who would become his mentor in life and photography. Thanks to Cartier Bresson, Riboud was able to join Magnum in 1952 and work under the great Robert Capa. Between 1955 and 1986, Marc Riboud would travel the globe. Unlike many photojournalists whose visitations generally extend only within the confines of their given assignment, Riboud on the other hand took the proverbial stroll. Collecting visual surprises that dotted his route, Riboud explains, ďOne thing is certain: Iím always on the look-out for surprise, for just the right note, whether comical or moving.Ē At a time when photographers had something to show their audience, Riboudís images captured the essence and turmoil of far away lands and strange people. His compositions are strong and graphic, yet there is compassion toward humanity that also surfaces. "Photography," he has said, "must not try to be persuasive. It cannot change the world, but it can show the world, especially when it is changing."



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